Jeffrey Heilman - Current Owner & Executive Pastry Chef

Co-Founder and Executive Pastry Chef for The Cookie Boys
Worked as a Pastry Chef at Flower Flour Patisserie for 5 and a half years
Teen Chopped Contestant on The Food Network

June 2008 - Present 

Ten+ years ago Jeffrey and Joseph Heilman decided to take mom's cookie recipe and start going door to door with fresh hot cookies. They sold out in 20 minutes! The following week they sold again, then again... then there was the week they didn't go. Our neighbor's came knocking on the door!!

In 2016 Jeffrey went full throttle to get the business "ship shape" by getting a business title, zoning letters and permits from the county and FDA, taking ownership and making most of the big business decisions for the company.

Pastry Chef, Flower Flour Patisserie
At 15 Jeffrey began a year long internship at a local French Bakery, he then worked himself up by the age of 17 to AM Baker overseeing pastries. He worked at Flower Flour for over 5 years. Jeffrey has also served as a line cook in two downtown San Jose Restaurants, and loves food! 

The Food Network, Teen Chopped: Season 30 episode 6 
Jeffrey competed on National Television in NYC for The Food Network television show "Teen Chopped". Jeffrey was eliminated after the first round having been too generous with his spices and overcooking the cream in his soup, granted it didn't taste very good in the first place, considering the main protein ingredient in the mystery basket was "Rabbit in the can" 

LA Cookie Con Vendor

In February 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Jeffrey and Joseph Heilman along with other baking related Vendors and Food Network Show participants gave their own two-day presentation on stage: "How to Fulfill a 10,000 Unit Cookie Order" and "The Cookie Boys Story" along with holding a booth for cookie sales and samples. The Expo was sold out and served over 10,000 customers daily. They returned to the convention in 2019 and plan to do so every year!

Joseph Heilman - Business Student, Sales & Brand Expert

Founder and, Brand Expert for The Cookie Boys
Manager for Main Street Burgers
Owner and Original Creator of @marvelousjokes on Instagram 
Junior Olympic Springboard Diver, Stanford Dive Club
College Student at De Anza College in Cupertino CA


June 2008 - Present
Joseph has always had an adventurous spirit and a desire to be in business. Before he and his brother Jeffrey formed The Cookie Boys, one could find Joseph selling candy bars in the park or lemonade at a lemonade stand. It was Joseph's idea to begin selling cookies door to door in addition to designing the company logo and merchandise.
Manager, Main Street Burgers
In order to help the boys become the best team possible, Joseph began working at 16 years old with a local restaurant selling gourmet hamburgers as an understudy to the District Manager in the efforts to learn Restaurant Management first hand and give him hands on experience in running a brick and mortar restaurant for the future of TCB.
Owner and Original Creator @marvelousjokes
@marvelousjokes is an Instagram account which began with 0 followers in 2015 and now boasts over 350,000 followers. Posting jokes, memes, and other ha ha's leading to the followers LOL's has been a fun past time. Joe now has a hired admin to help him with the account as it takes quite a bit of time to manage!
LA Cookie Con Vendor 2018
If you happened to catch TCB's presentation at CookieCon you would have seen Joseph on stage presenting as the companies lead Spokesperson. Joseph enjoys speaking in front of a crowd and has quite a great sense of humor.
Junior Olympic Springboard Diver, Stanford Dive Club
Joseph began his diving career at 11 years old with USA Diving and quickly began excelling in the competitive sport over the course of the next 7 years Joseph has made it to competition in at the National level multiple times, and traveled to many states diving - even as far as Florida! Having aged out at 18 from the Junior Olympic competitive level, Joseph has decided to continue to dive in college and will begin next winter in his first Collegiate Competitions.
Joseph enjoys playing PC games, hanging out with his friends and going on long motorcycle rides on his Triumph Daytona - in what color? Cookie Boy yellow... of course.

Jessica Heilman - Graphic Designer & Mom

Founder, Wholehearted Ministries 

Graphic designer for The Cookie Boys 
Educational Writer, Freelance


August 2009 - Present 

Wholehearted Ministries is a Ministry based on the Word of God, and it’s core system of beliefs. At WHM, we believe that if you put God first place in your life, you will be directed in all that you do, and in so doing will have success beyond measure. (Luke 6:38) Wholeheartedness in Christ is the answer to it all poverty, identity issues, sickness, and death.


Wholehearted Ministries is a Ministry Outreach that focuses on developing both single and married men and women toward living up to their full God-given potential. WHM through the web, social networking, email, fundraisers/sales, and daily blogging reaches out to local communities in order to make a difference both financially and spiritually to those in need. Her blog has a reach of over 11,000 subscribers.


In 2010 Jessica received her first RADI Award from Taffi Dollar and Creflo Dollar Ministries. She was sent to Atlanta, Georgia to receive this award, and was honored to speak in front of the women's ministry about WHM and our wholeness in Christ. With a focus on "praying and obeying", Jessica was able to minister to hundreds of women, and in addition to her award she was interviewed for the churches 100,000+ subscriber magazine, Change Magazine.


CEO/Graphic Designer, THE COOKIE BOYS
2008 - 2016 

In 2008 at just 8 & 10 years old Jeffrey and Joseph Heilman began baking and selling for their business, The Cookie Boys. Too young to manage their uprising success, Jessica Heilman promoted, directed, and advised Her two oldest sons until 2016 when Jeffrey Heilman at 18, began to get all the permits in order.

Through Jessica's leadership TCB have been featured on The Food Network, in Content Magazine - Silicon Valley's Premiere Entrepreneurial Magazine, The Mercury News, at LA Cookie Con, in The Mom Life Box, and Urthbox monthly subscription food service boxes. 

Now Jessica handles one hundred percent of the Graphic designs that go into the labels, images, and overall theme of the business.

Jessica authors the "Homeschooled and Handmade Blog" as well as is administrator for the Homeschooled & Handmade Business Owners group on Facebook.



Jessica's current writing projects are: Unschooling in America, Wholehearted: How I Received Healing From the Inside Out and You Can Too! The In's and Out's of Wholehearted Leadership, The ABC'S of Raising Wholehearted Kids, and The Whole Life Experience: Your Heart, Your Health, Your Harvest.

Unschooling in America by Jessica Heilman

"America is in DIRE need of Education Reform. Grading a child based on an antiquated grading system is KILLING the creativity and inspirations of the youth in America. 

Children are expected to "earn" straight A's in areas they are not gifted or interested in. Their very health and mental well being is taxed and they are left grasping for straws. The suicide rate in High School is absolutely alarming and totally preventable!

Twelve years ago we as a family decided to forgo all traditional education in favor of 'project based free play' learning. Our children have been on Nationally Ranked television shows, competed at the Junior Olympic level, they have traveled across country, started their own businesses and preformed on stages with professionals. 

Just saying 'NO' to textbooks, State testing and organized learning has been EXACTLY what our children have needed to build their self esteem, gumption, and over all zeal for life!"

This book will be coming out soon - TBA


Gage Robinson - Cookie Boy


Assistant on call Pastry Chef, Cookie Taster, Muscle Man, and additional business advisor for The Cookie Boys 
College Student at De Anza College in Cupertino CA

 Cookie Boy 

2008- present

Gage Robinson has been a neighbor, friend, and fellow baker of Jeffrey and Joseph Heilman since before they started. Gage worked at a rival bakery to Jeffrey's Flower Flour, at Jen's Cakes in willow glen, Gage has worked with them periodically for the last seven years, and has seen multiple owner changes. his passion for baking has helped The Cookie Boys shape recipes for years.