The Cookie Boys started as a door-to-door cookie business in 2008. Joseph Heilman, an avid entrepreneur at just 8 years old asked his mom what he could sell.

She had a chocolate chip cookie recipe she thought was pretty good and encouraged the boys to go door to door with the warm fresh out-of-the-oven treats and The Cookie Boys company was born - The Cookie Boys sold out in 20 minutes!

Jeffrey Heilman, the oldest “Cookie Boy” has been a Baker at a French Bakery in their hometown since he was 15 years old. At 18 years old Jeffrey competed on Season 3 of The Food Network’s Teen Chopped, The Cookie Boys have been featured in their local newspaper, on TV, and in Content Magazine. For the last 10 years, The Cookie Boys have been baking, marketing, selling and serving the Northern California Bay Area with the simple sweet taste of home baked cookies, just like Grandma makes.