Do you have a retail location or do you sell exclusively online?

Great question! Currently we are baking all of our cookies as a home based Santa Clara County registered CFO Permit #PTO487950 with a separate FDA food handling license. This allows us to sell cookies we bake in our Cottage Food Industry approved kitchen, however we do not have a retail space on the property YET, but we hope to open one by fall 2019! 

We live in the Bay Area - Do we have to pay for delivery?

At this time we NO LONGER deliver cookies and are an online food company only, we bake all our cookies fresh and to order - simply email us with the date you need your cookies by and we will be happy to ship them 2-day delivery.

Can you use more than one discount code at a time?

Unfortunately at this time our website does not offer us this ability.

How fresh are your cookies?

All of our cookies are made and baked in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We bake all of our cookies fresh and to order. As soon as your order comes in we are notified, then on the following business day we bake and most often ship or deliver the same day. Currently, we have a less than 24 hour turn around time - but this can extend to 48 hours during our peak holiday seasons. When shipping with Priority mail your cookies may take up to 5 days to get to their final destination. Our dough is NEVER frozen.

Do you sell Gluten Free, Nut free, Egg-Free, or Vegan Cookies?

Yes! See our shop for these special cookies. Please note, while we try our best to keep all of our ingredients separate - all off our products, bowls, mixers, or utensils at one point in time may come in contact with tree nuts.