Influenced and encouraged by mom :)



As an only child I grew up pretty lonely. Both of my parents worked and while they did an amazing job providing for me, the best times I had was when I was surrounded by my friends. Every Thursday after school when I was in High School, my Grandmother would take a group of us out for a "special treat" to cookies and ice cream... it was magic.

As a company we long to share this experience with others. It is our goal by 2020 to have a retail location where lonely kids (like I was!) can go after school to eat fresh warm cookies and milk on tap with other kids. A place where they could be encouraged to unplug from their devices, laugh a little and relax knowing our staff loves them. Until this vision becomes a reality, I pray over each bag of cookies that is shipped from our kitchen.

For me, prayer is an important part of being a mom. When our children are away from home out exploring, when someone has the sniffles, when feelings get hurt I like to say a little prayer in order to encourage their soul - and mine.

If you are reading this page after receiving a jar of our cookies, know you are not just a friend - you are family and this mom is thinking of you and believing for GREAT things in your life!


Eat good thoughts!